The Fall is the name given to the Cylon surprise attack against the Colonies.  The Fall saw the genocide of humanity, the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, and led to the Exodus and Second Cylon War.  It is the starting point of both the re-imagined series and the BSH roleplay.

The AttackEdit

After forty years of silence from the Cylons following the First Cylon War, the Cylons launched a massive coordinated surprise attack against the Twelve Colonies.  Through the use of the CNP they managed to neutralize Colonial defenses and obliterate the vast majority of the human fleet.  This was followed by widespread nuclear bombardments of the Colonies followed by conventional invasions and then occupations.  Approximately fifty billion people were killed during the attack.

BSH Roleplay and the FallEdit

The Cylon attack began at approximately 1000 Hours on March 5, 2004.  Hyperion was in dry-dock over Aerilon, just a few minutes away from launching on her maiden voyage.  The warship was thus caught in the attack before ever clearing port, receiving only minutes of notice from the attack which had already begun at Caprica before Cylon forces arrived at Aerilon too.  Hyperion fought free of the shipyards and jumped to Phoebe as soon as possible.

With the damaged sustained over Aerilon and the Viper wing downed due to the CNP, Hyperion remained over Phoebe rather than following the mustering orders to join the defense of Caprica.  Hyperion then sent its own message to the surviving fleet to regroup at Phoebe to prepare a counter attack.  Hyperion was joined by the Battlestars Mercury,  Poseidon, and Trident and numerous other civilian vessels.  Before the small fleet could finish their repairs and prepare for offensive operations, however, the Cylons found them and launched their own attack.  The attacking forces were fought off but Mercury was lost in the fighting.  Trident soon after departed to join Galactica after recon missions were sent to each Colony as well as Ragnar.

Being unable to remain indefinitely at Phoebe, the fleet jumped away to the Zeus Research Station to evacuate the remote location.  Poseidon unfortunately suffered critical jump failure and the Battlestar was crippled and had to be abandoned.  Finally, after evacuating Zeus Station, Hyperion and her civilian ships jumped away out toward the Red Line to recover from the hellish day.

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