Welcome to the Battlestar Hyperion WikiEdit

This is a work-in-progress wiki meant to act as a more accessible and manageable resource for information regarding the Battlestar Galactica Universe, the events of the Battlestar Hyperion roleplay, as well as basic information on the characters, items, ships, and locations in Battlestar Hyperion (BSH).

Battlestar Hyperion OverviewEdit

Battlestar Hyperion is an online text based creative writing and roleplay community utilizing a proboards forum.  The story follows Hyperion, a top of the line Battlestar, that has its own series of adventures in an alternate timeline than that in which the Re-imagined BSG Series occurs.  Notably, Hyperion and those ships she collects do not abandon the Twelve Colonies (at least they haven't yet) and do not search for Earth.

BSH is always looking for interested roleplayers to join our community.  Anyone interested or with questions should head to the main site.  Our membership is always more than happy to help new members learn about the RP and to help them create characters to join in the fun.  The main roleplay can be found here .