The BSH Locations range all across Colonial Space and even beyond.  Below are locations both used in the roleyplay as well as other locations in the universe that serve background purposes.

Ships of the FleetEdit

The vast majority of roleplay occurs on the military ships such as Hyperion and the civilian ships that make up the Fleet.  Further information on those vessels can be found here.

The ColoniesEdit

Some plotlines leave the Fleet and return to the occupied worlds.  General information on the Colonies can be found here.  More specific locations are listed below.

Picon Fleet HQEdit

The Colonial Military Admiralty prior to the war was based on Picon.  It was the center of all military operations for decades.

Space StationsEdit

In addition to the colonized worlds and the number of ships traversing the space between them, there are also numerous space stations and other orbital installations.


Scorpia ShipyardsEdit

The Scopia Shipyards (AKA Colonial Military Scorpion Shipyard) is the largest orbital military installation of the Colonies.  A large number of military (and even civilian) ships are built here.  The Scopia yards, however, serve even more ships in their later lives than in their early lives.  Nearly all repairs and refits are performed at the Scorpia yards.

Aerilon ShipyardsEdit

Aerilon has a smaller military shipyard than Scorpia.  Notably, the Hyperion was constructed at the Aerilon Shipyards and it was at those yards when the Cylons attacked.

Research StationsEdit

Zeus StationEdit

The Zeus Station is a research station located in isolation at the cluster barycenter.  The station's focus was primarily for military R&D.  After the Fall, the Hyperion evacuated the station so that the researchers could continue their work to combat the Cylons.


Armistace LineEdit

The Armistace Line is the border between Colonial and Cylon space as determined by the Armistace Treaty that ended the First Cylon War.  For forty years, the Armistace Line was absolutely quiet with no trafic acrros it or even near it.  The Cylons remained in seclusion until crossing in force in their surprise attack.

Red LineEdit

The Red Line is the border between known space and the vastness of the universe.  Not only is the area beyond the line mostly unexplored but FTL jump calculations are also more difficult to calculate beyond it.

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