Aurora's Pride
Class Intersun Luxury Liner
Crew Complement 750
Standard Total Population 2500
Maximum Population 3750
Current Population 3683
Armament None
Purpose and Utility Civilian Housing, Minor Agriculture
Transport and Docking Hangers for Small Transports

The Aurora's Pride is a luxury transport vessel modeled on an older design from the pre-war (the First Cylon War)  by using a rotation effect to generate gravity.  This process is a long outdated technology but it has a retro-effect and for those who do not mind the limitations of the tech, it can actually be cheaper and easier to maintain than the modern high-tech alternatives.

The rotating ring of the ship doubles as a large bio-belt similar to the bio-domes of the Aerilon Star or a Botanical Cruiser.  The ring creates a tube of simulated natural environment with a steady incline at the not-too-distant horizon.  The effect of walking in a ring can be a bit disorienting at first, but many prefer it to the dome of the larger ships.  Because it creates its own loop, one can walk on and on without ever reaching an end to the simulation.  Outside of the ring, the Pride has many rooms for its large population, numerous restaurants, bars, clubs, and other facilities that would be expected on a luxury cruise ship.

The Aurora's Pride was one of the original ships gathered by the Aerilon Star and brought to join Hyperion at Phoebe.  Like the bio-dome ships, the green areas of the ship have been converted not just to be beautiful gardens but to double as agricultural centers to supplement the diet of the Fleet's residents.

Notable Residents of the Aurora's PrideEdit

Toby Granger - Quorum Delegate of Scorpia, frequently commutes from his residence on the Pride to the Star.

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